What’s Your Price Tag? Do a Quick Online Salary Comparison

Salary negotiation tips and salary comparison sites

Does the thought of negotiating your salary make you break out in a sweat? What is the price on your head? Are you too expensive? Too cheap? What does that mean about you? For many people, talking about salary is talking about self-worth and it can trigger common insecurities like “I’m not good enough” and […]

LinkedIn Photo Tips, Secrets and Suggestions

Tips for the right LinkedIn photo for your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn isn’t just for corporate types, you know. An online business networking presence in the form of a LinkedIn profile has become a necessity if you work in just about any kind of organization. If you work in the corporate world, you definitely are expected to have an active profile, but anyone who works can […]

Your Third-person Resume Creeps Me Out

kid wearing groucho nose

I apologize, I know that sounds pretty harsh, but it’s true, there is something creepy about third-person resumes, and lately I’ve gotten a run of them. They say things like “Ray is a talented designer who has built three companies” or “Mr. Johnson has twenty years of experience as a widget maker.” You know, like […]

The Untouchables in the Job Market


The other day I was talking with a good friend who was a very successful and talented mortgage broker until the crash of the mortgage and finance world, when he had to scale back the business to a fraction of what it had been, and lay off almost all of his staff. He was concerned […]

Economy Good or Bad, You Still Only Need One Job

Economy Good or Bad You Still Only Need One Job

It’s been a while since I blogged, which in one way is a really great news. I’ve been very busy with my executive recruiting assignments for start-ups, and that is a good sign for the economy, I think. When new companies are hiring, and people are investing their time and money into new ventures, growth […]