Changing Careers, One Rock at a Time


Most of us are going to change career directions a few times in our life. Sometimes we’re forced to, like travel agents who found their services made obsolete by etickets and online travel booking. Often, a job just slowly grew boring and we’re just ready for a change. Sometimes, we wake up one day and […]

The Pursuit of Happiness


The lecture is about the nature of happiness from Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychology professor who teaches a course about happiness. It’s one of the most succinct and informative things I’ve seen on the subject (and I make a point to read and see whatever I can, since being happy is pretty much at the […]

Dress Codes, Tattoos and Body Mods

Workplace Dress Codes

TechRepublic, an online resource for tech workers, has an interesting conversation going, about the legality of discriminating against a worker at Costco who had a nose ring and sued when she was fired, saying it was a religious issue, as she was part of a Church of Body Modifications of some sort. Here’s the gist […]

Personal Coaching and Advice is Back!

Personal Coaching and Advice

I give in! For all of you who’ve been asking for personal coaching and advice about your job search… I can now say yes! I’ve carved time out in my schedule to do one-on-one personal coaching again. Just you and me, on the phone, having a focused and meaningful conversation about your most pressing job-search […]

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

Have you given much thought to your voice? Or perhaps I should say your voices, because there are three types of voices that I think are worth paying attention to. Your spoken voice, your written voice, and the voice of who you are in the world. First, and most important, is the voice of who […]