Personal Coaching and Advice is Back!

I give in! For all of you who’ve been asking for personal coaching and advice about your job search… I can now say yes! I’ve carved time out in my schedule to do one-on-one personal coaching again. Just you and me, on the phone, having a focused and meaningful conversation about your most pressing job-search […]

Find Your Voice

Have you given much thought to your voice? Or perhaps I should say your voices, because there are three types of voices that I think are worth paying attention to. Your spoken voice, your written voice, and the voice of who you are in the world. First, and most important, is the voice of who […]

Walking the Minefield: Handling Those Sensitive Spots in Your Background

We all have something somewhere in our background that we would rather not talk about, but when it’s something that shows on your resume, you’re going to have to, and how you handle it will make a big difference in whether it is perceived as a negative or not. Tell too little and you invite […]

Personal Section or Not? Ways to Show the Real You on Your Resume

A while back, there was a blog post on a the TechRepublic site about three mistakes people make on their resumes. The writer listed having a personal section of interests and hobbies on your resume as one of those mistakes. (If you’d like to read the whole thread, you can go here.) I’m in complete […]

Getting Fired – How to Make the Most of It

There seems to be a lot of getting fired going around. I have several friends who’ve had it happen to them in the last month or so, and for each person, it was devastating. I understand this. I’ve been fired too. The truth is, though, that once the shock wears off, being fired might be […]