What’s Your Version of a Kick-Ass Life?

What's Your Version of a Kick-Ass Life?

Everything I do that is about job-search coaching is really about something much bigger… your life. And my goal is to inspire you to have the most kick-ass life possible. Of course, what that looks like for you is going to be entirely different than it is for me. But it occurred to me that […]

Why Your Resume Didn’t Make The Cut

Why Your Resume Didn't Make The Cut

I live a life of rejection. As an executive recruiter, I see dozens of resumes every week, sometimes even hundreds. And most of them, all but a handful, end up in the virtual trash can. I am constantly rejecting people — or perhaps more accurately, digital representations of documents that represent people, a.k.a. resumes — […]

A Self-Confessed Resume Freak’s Thoughts about Bad Resumes from Good People

Resume Advice

I admit that I’m a resume freak. Resumes are one of my passions. I think that a great resume is one of the biggest and best weapons in your job search. And I’ve seen a lot of them. A whole lot of them. As an executive recruiter, I’d say that I read about a hundred […]

A Look in the Mirror Brings Big Rewards

A Look in the Mirror

I haven’t formally launched my book yet, because there are still a lot of details to sort out with online sales and systems, but I’ve already sold a bunch of copies just to friends who’ve been watching for it, just through word of mouth. I confess that I waited anxiously for feedback from people to […]