• Job search burnout? How to get unstuck and inspired.

    As The Job Search Guru, I talk to my share of frustrated job seekers who are stuck and losing confidence in finding what they want. I understand. Modern job searches can take a real toll on job seekers. Resumes disappear into black holes and you’re lucky to get a response of any kind. Recruiters miss […]

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  • Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Job Magnet

    If you are building a career, a great LinkedIn profile acts like a magnet. When your profile has the right elements, it will attract recruiters, hiring managers and other people who might have the great next career opportunity for you. In fact, if you’re in some professions, such as enterprise software sales, if you’re not […]

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  • 6 Easy-to-Fix Spelling and Grammar Mistakes that Could Cost You a Job

    In the business world, bad spelling and grammar can actually ruin your career.  A misspelling or a grammatical error in your resume or correspondence can be enough to have a hiring manager or recruiter move on to the next candidate. Certainly, not everyone cares about spelling and grammar, but the ones who do? They really […]

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  • What to do when the recruiter calls.

    What to Do When a Recruiter Calls

    If you’re a professional, you can expect to get an occasional phone call or an email from a recruiter. If you’re a startup executive, it might even be from me. That call or email might change your life. Or it could be a total bust. You’ll never know, though, unless you answer it. Here are […]

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  • The first glance at your resume could be just six seconds... how would your resume do?

    A Recruiter Gives Your Resume 6 Seconds. Here’s What Happens.

    Surveys show that recruiters spend about six seconds on their first look at a resume. Six seconds. That sounds about right to me. I have decades of experience reviewing resumes for a living and I developed a finely tuned superpower for scanning a resume quickly to find the key information I need so I can […]

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  • interview questions are much easier when you have a script to answer questions

    Interview Preparation Tip: Script Your Stories

    Looking for a job? Get ready to talk about yourself. That seems obvious, yet few people I talk to actually seem to plan ahead to prepare the stories that illustrate what they’ve done and the great things they bring to a job. Lots of people figure they’ll just wing it, and don’t realize that winging […]

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Sometimes it's a good idea to consider a salary sacrifice. Here are ten times when the dollars in the salary offer aren't the whole story.

Salary Offer Not Enough? 10 Situations Where a Salary Sacrifice Might Be Worth It

When you’re looking at new jobs, there’s a lot to consider, but the salary offer and the total compensation package are top priority for many people. Some people believe that taking less salary is always a bad move, but money really isn’t everything… and in many cases, it’s not even near the top of the […]

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Salary negotiation tips and salary comparison sites

What’s Your Price Tag? Do a Quick Online Salary Comparison

Does the thought of negotiating your salary make you break out in a sweat? What is the price on your head? Are you too expensive? Too cheap? Do you even know what other people like you make? For many people, talking about salary means talking about self-worth and it can trigger common insecurities like “I’m […]

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Tips for the right LinkedIn photo for your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Photo Tips, Secrets and Suggestions

LinkedIn isn’t just for corporate types, you know. An online business networking presence in the form of a LinkedIn profile has become a necessity if you work in just about any kind of organization. If you work in the corporate world, you definitely are expected to have an active profile, but anyone who works can […]

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Your Third-person Resume Creeps Me Out

I apologize, I know that sounds pretty harsh, but it’s true, there is something creepy about third-person resumes, and lately I’ve gotten a run of them. They say things like “Ray is a talented designer who has built three companies” or “Mr. Johnson has twenty years of experience as a widget maker.” You know, like […]

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The Untouchables in the Job Market

The other day I was talking with a good friend who was a very successful and talented mortgage broker until the crash of the mortgage and finance world, when he had to scale back the business to a fraction of what it had been, and lay off almost all of his staff. He was concerned […]

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Economy Good or Bad, You Still Only Need One Job

It’s been a while since I blogged, which in one way is a really great news. I’ve been very busy with my executive recruiting assignments for start-ups, and that is a good sign for the economy, I think. When new companies are hiring, and people are investing their time and money into new ventures, growth […]

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