• What to do when the recruiter calls.

    What to Do When a Recruiter Calls

    If you’re a professional, you can expect to get an occasional phone call or an email from a recruiter. If you’re a startup executive, it might even be from me. That call or email might change your life. Or it could be a total bust. You’ll never know, though, unless you answer it. Here are […]

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  • The first glance at your resume could be just six seconds... how would your resume do?

    A Recruiter Gives Your Resume 6 Seconds. Here’s What Happens.

    Surveys show that recruiters spend about six seconds on their first look at a resume. Six seconds. That sounds about right to me. I review resumes for a living and have developed a finely tuned superpower for scanning a resume quickly to find the key information I need. How much can I see in a […]

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  • interview questions are much easier when you have a script to answer questions

    Interview Preparation Tip: Script Your Stories

    Looking for a job? Get ready to talk about yourself. That seems obvious, yet few people I talk to actually seem to plan ahead to prepare the stories that illustrate what they’ve done and the great things they bring to a job. Lots of people figure they’ll just wing it, and don’t realize that winging […]

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  • You said... what? Some of the funniest resume and job search bloopers I've come across.

    OMG LOL! Embarrassing and Hilarious Resume and Job Search Bloopers

    I’ve collected a lot laugh-out-loud hilarious resume bloopers over the years, and whenever I feel down, they’re always good for a chuckle. Some I’ve experienced firsthand, most I’ve been told about, and a few may just be the stuff of urban legend in the hiring world, but they’re all a hoot, so here you go. […]

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  • Here are a few qualities of people who are cut out to work for a startup.

    What Makes a Startup Superhero? These Five Things.

    As you may know, I’m an executive recruiter (okay, go ahead… call me a headhunter if you must). Most of my clients are startups and early-stage technology companies, and I help them find the kind of awesome candidates who will help their new company succeed. I get resumes every day from people saying they want […]

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  • When does personal information like Burning Man or church work on your resume make you look like the perfect candidate... and when does it target you for rejection? Good question.

    Resume Personal Section Advice: When to Include Outside Interests Like Burning Man or Politics

    I often get asked whether it’s a good idea to include a resume personal section, or if it’s just offering unnecessary information that might risk  hiring discrimination. Should you mention your annual trek to Burning Man where you manage a team building a huge art project? What about the years in college organizing the Young […]

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Interview Advice

Walking the Minefield: Handling Those Sensitive Spots in Your Background

We all have something somewhere in our background that we would rather not talk about, but when it’s something that shows on your resume, you’re going to have to, and how you handle it will make a big difference in whether it is perceived as a negative or not. Tell too little and you invite […]

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Personal Section on a Resume?

Personal Section or Not? Ways to Show the Real You on Your Resume

A while back, there was a blog post on a the TechRepublic site about three mistakes people make on their resumes. The writer listed having a personal section of interests and hobbies on your resume as one of those mistakes. (If you’d like to read the whole thread, you can go here.) I’m in complete […]

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Getting Fired

Getting Fired – How to Make the Most of It

There seems to be a lot of getting fired going around. I have several friends who’ve had it happen to them in the last month or so, and for each person, it was devastating. I understand this. I’ve been fired too. The truth is, though, that once the shock wears off, being fired might be […]

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“Because Life’s Too Short to Wait…”

I use “because life’s too short to wait…” as my tagline as much for myself as for anybody else. Tick tock, tick tock. Life is short. And the older we get, the more true it is. None of us know for sure how long we’ll be on this earth, but one thing that I do […]

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Giant Leaps or Baby Steps, It’s All Good

Giant Leaps or Baby Steps, It’s All Good

Creating a life you want, and finding a job that fits well into that, is a process that takes, well, it takes a long as it takes. As long as you’re going in the right direction, you’ll get there, though there are some things that will give you a boost. Over the years, as I’ve […]

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What's Your Version of a Kick-Ass Life?

What’s Your Version of a Kick-Ass Life?

Everything I do that is about job-search coaching is really about something much bigger… your life. And my goal is to inspire you to have the most kick-ass life possible. Of course, what that looks like for you is going to be entirely different than it is for me. But it occurred to me that […]

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