Changing Careers, One Rock at a Time

Most of us are going to change career directions a few times in our life. Sometimes we’re forced to, like travel agents who found their services made obsolete by etickets and online travel booking. Often, a job just slowly grew boring and we’re just ready for a change. Sometimes, we wake up one day and […]

Walking the Minefield: Handling Those Sensitive Spots in Your Background

We all have something somewhere in our background that we would rather not talk about, but when it’s something that shows on your resume, you’re going to have to, and how you handle it will make a big difference in whether it is perceived as a negative or not. Tell too little and you invite […]

Getting Fired – How to Make the Most of It

There seems to be a lot of getting fired going around. I have several friends who’ve had it happen to them in the last month or so, and for each person, it was devastating. I understand this. I’ve been fired too. The truth is, though, that once the shock wears off, being fired might be […]

What’s Your Version of a Kick-Ass Life?

Everything I do that is about job-search coaching is really about something much bigger… your life. And my goal is to inspire you to have the most kick-ass life possible. Of course, what that looks like for you is going to be entirely different than it is for me. But it occurred to me that […]

Why Your Resume Didn’t Make The Cut

I live a life of rejection. As an executive recruiter, I see dozens of resumes every week, sometimes even hundreds. And most of them, all but a handful, end up in the virtual trash can. I am constantly rejecting people — or perhaps more accurately, digital representations of documents that represent people, a.k.a. resumes — […]